We prepared for You a few offering of local tourist attractions which You can visit during residence in Zachełmie. Thanks to cooperation with these objects there is possibility of buying entrance ticket in the hotel and getting greater detailed information. Distance of attractions has been given vis-à- vis the hotel Chojnik, with the prerequisite of driving a car.



Chojnik Castle in the Zachełmie


The stone fortress used to called Chojnisty, presently Chojnik, rises on a height 627 m ASL on foothill of Giant Mountains. According to one of the legendary myth of 1241, before putting up existing castle, there was wooden stronghold. First document, in which building was described comes from 1364. The fortress was meant to protect the borders. After death of the last Piast the castle became a property of Duchess Agnes who gave it to knight of her manor. Between XIV and XVII century the castle was rebuilt and redeveloped many times. On 31st September 1675 the Chojnik burnt down because of lightning. Since then the Chojnik has never been rebuilt. Nowadays in the castle there is tourist hostel since 19th century.



odległość ~1km www.chojnik.pl






Waterfalls in Giant Mountains


The highest waterfall in the Polish part of The Giant Mountains. Its threshold is situated at the altitude of 843 m ASL. The waterfall forms a three-level cascade 27 m high falling to the Kamieńczyk Gorge. The gorge is about 100 m long with vertical, rocky walls reaching over 25 m in height while its width at some parts is less than 4 meters. Behind the middle waterfall cascade there is a cave called “Złota Jama” (“Golden Cave”).  Szklarka Waterfall is second the highest waterfall in this region which is pitched at the 520 m ASL. The waterfall forms one cascade 13m high. Third the biggest waterfall is Podgórny Waterfall which is situated at the altitude of 543m ASL and its high reaches 10m.



odległość od ~4km do ~19km www.pl.wikipedia.org





Museum- The House of Gerhard Hauptmann


Urban museum named Gerhard Hauptmann, German writer and laureate of a Noble Prize, is situated in Jelenia Góra. The residence in which there is museum, was built in 1900-1901. The house was designed by German architecture, Hans Grisebach. It was built on granitic rock, surrounded by a 1,6 hectare park. Hauptmann’s residence was for him a shelter from the social motions of Berlin and public interest. After his death  the house had been developed into Recreation Center for children. According to a statement of German Chancellor and Prime Minister of Poland, in the house was established a museum dedicated to memory of the Nobel Laureate.



odległość ~6km www.muzeum-dgh.pl






Julia Glass Factory in Piechowice


It was built in 1889 by Fritz Heckert who had never seen its opening because of sudden death. At the beginning glass factory engaged many craftsmen from Czech Republic- glassblowers, ginders and painters. With the passing of time crystal factory caught up count Schaffortch’s  Josephine Glass Factory in Szklarska Poręba. In 1923 companies interconnected in stock- offering company. Since then the joint factories had dominated on worldwide markets. After World War II the factory was devolved on polish hands. In 1958 Josephine Crystal Factory adopted polish name, Julia. The factory in Szklarska Poręba was closed in 2000.



odległość ~9km www.turystyka.crystaljulia.com






Western City in Ścięgny


Western City is one of the interesting tourist attraction in region. It was put up on 65 hectare in 1998. Every visitor can go back in time to the world of sheriffs, gunslingers and gold diggers to unveil American Old West. There is field on most of a surface in which you can see impressive stud. There is about 40 breed of American Quarter Horse which comes from Wild West.






odległość ~15km www.western.com.pl






Miniature park in Kowary


Lower Silesia Monument miniature Park has been established in Kowary in the neighborhood of a carpet factory. The goal is to create an euro region information Centre. Visitors of the Park have the unique opportunity to get familiar with monument reproduced precisely in 1:25 scale. 







odległość ~20km www.park-miniatur.com