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w związku z Rządowymi obostrzeniami  do dnia 7 maja 2021 hotel będzie nieczynny. Prosimy o dokonywanie rezerwacji za pomocą naszego systemu internetowego lub wysyłanie zapytań drogą e-mailową na adres info@hotelchojnik.pl.

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The surrounding nature, along with the fresh air and tranquil ambience that come with it, are some of the most important features of our hotel. While they serve a strong enough reason to spend your vacation here at Chojnik,  the nearest surroundings present a wide variety of activities that our guests can engage in:


< 2 ski slopes (around 350m each), one of which is less steep and can be used for learning to ski or brushing up one’s skills
< 2 button lifts near the slopes
< Volleyball field
< Tennis court
< A private pond perfect for fishing (2 bridges, 2 islets)
< Covered barbecue area
< Covered campfire area
< Playground
< Children’s swimming pool (during summer season)
< A vast area perfect for organizing outdoor events such as paintball and other group games
< Skiing equipment rental

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